Why to Advertise on www.offerzonly.com

We have created an exclusive online platform, where every retail outlet, businesses and brands must promote their products, services & schemes. It is very lucrative platform to get associated, where…..

  • All type and size of retail outlets / brands / businesses can showcase their multiple offers & schemes through online mode for offline sales
  • Your store can reach to maximum neighbourhood consumers to attract by various offers & schemes
  • We are working minimise the impact of eCommerce on your offline store businesses
  • The philosophy of VOCAL FOR LOCAL (connect with neighbourhood consumer) is playing an important role
  • Even unskilled person can run their various advertisements. It is fully flexible, user friendly and user controlled application for retailers
  • This platform is offering you the most cost effective digital medium of marketing and promotion by reaching to the large market coverage
  • Your offline retail business shall always be available in online mode for consumers and easily searchable by them at their convenient time
  • We are working purely on promotional activities; no commission is charged for any sales transaction from any retail outlets against their advertisements & promotions
  • Our core objective is to bring maximum footfall at store. We are not showcasing anything for online selling
  • Any retail / brand / business can run and display their promotions and schemes aggressively to attract more consumers. Even eCommerce companies are attracting more consumers by showcasing unlimited range of products and discounting structure
  • We are offering early bird benefits for beginning associates, who is coming on board to promote their businesses
  • We are giving an assurance of up to 4X Revenue generation from our any of the yearly package
  • We can run some special promo* code campaign for exclusive store to push their sales (*at additional cost)
  • We are creating unique microsite link for each store as per their business name or choice, so they can also be able to promote their own micro store in their own professional & personal network