Why to Associate with Us

We are “India’s First Online Platform to Boost Offline Sales”
  • Easy to use: Our platform offerzonly.com is designed a user-friendly, with a simple interface that allows you to create and manage your offers with ease. You don't need much technical skills to use our platform, and you can get started right away at any point of time.
  • Cost-effective: We understand that marketing activities are costly affair, especially for small businesses. That's why we offer our services at the lowest cost possible, without compromising on quality. Our pricing plans are flexible, and you can choose the one that suits your business needs.
  • Wide reach: At our platform, you can reach out to a wide audience, including potential customers in your local area and beyond that as well. Offerzonly.com platform is optimised for search engines, which means that your offers will be visible to people who are actively searching for them.
  • Geo-based:Our platform allows each store / outlet to showcase their business offers on their dominating area with vicinity coverage. In such process, most of the neighbourhood prospective clients can be reached easily.
  • Analytics: We can provide you with detailed analytics to track the performance of your offers / stores. You can see how many people have viewed your offers, how many have clicked on them, and how many have converted into sales. This data can help you make informed decisions about your marketing strategy.
  • Marketing tool: We are also in plan to create an integrated dashboard login tool for retailers, from where they can boost their business by using our prepaid integrated tool, such as bulk WhatsApp messaging, bulk SMS, bulk emailing, bulk voice calling to reach the real target customers.
  • Creatives & graphics tool: We have experienced and dedicated creative & graphic team members, who can help any vendor to improve their product presentation, banner design, logo creation. Our team have a better experience for our portal, what would look perfect on the website.
  • Support:We provide 24/7 customer support by help desk and AI chat-bot, to help you with any issues / queries you may have. Our team is always available to assist you and ensure that your experience with our platform is seamless.